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Norwest Private

  • Norwest Maternity is located within the Women’s Health Unit, situated in a separate wing of the hospital, creating a secure environment for both new mothers and newborns
  • The Unit offers a contemporary interior design, featuring a soft tone colour scheme. A purpose built atrium is a focal point of the Unit and can be enjoyed by parents and visitors. Natural light and a state of the art climate control system is a feature of the hospital
  • 43 maternity beds – some with double beds; three, two-bed shared rooms
  • Partner accommodation is available with 20 double beds and a number of folding beds so most partners can be accommodated
  • All rooms have flat screen TVs, small refrigerators and safes for valuables
  • Excellent hospitality services with a professionally developed “cook fresh” menu delivering tasty varied and healthy food options
  • The Well Baby Nursery is staffed 24 hours a day by experienced Midwives, Lactation Consultants and Mothercraft Nurses to assist with feeding and baby care advice and support
  • Level 2 Special Care Nursery can provide specialised care for premature and sick infants from 33 weeks gestation. If a higher level of care is required, then transfer to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will be arranged
  • K2 Guardian Monitoring System records and displays both the unborn baby’s heart rate and the mother’s progress in labour at the bedside. This allows your obstetrician to view all monitoring remotely via smart phone, laptop and PC, ensuring that your doctor is aware of progress every minute
  • There are seven spacious, modern birth suites, each with an ensuite bathroom and television. A range of active birth accessories such as beanbags, mirrors, birth stool and bath in some birthing suites are available, as well as the use of modern birthing beds which can be adjusted to provide individual comfort
  • Anticipated length of stay following the birth of your baby is four nights for a vaginal birth and five nights for a Caesarean section birth, providing there are no complications
  • An early childhood clinic is available to Mums who wish to return to hospital for feeding and nursing advice, up to 12 months after the birth of their baby at Norwest Private Hospital *
  • Free guided tours of the Norwest Maternity Unit are conducted on Thursday evenings at 7.00pm and on Saturday mornings at 11.00am.
  • Norwest offers a range of parenting classes:

     – Preparation for labour, Birth and beyond – Prenatal classes

     – Antenatal Breast Feeding Class

     – Postnatal education

More information can be found here.

*Fees apply

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Westmead Private

  • 46-bed maternity unit expansion opens in March 2019 – 100% private rooms.
  • The 2019 multi-million dollar renovation will include a luxury new maternity unit with custom beds for partners, 8 luxury parenting suites, 1 additional birth suite, a 14 cot Special Care Nursery, rooftop garden for quality family time along with dedicated education and lactation feeding areas.
  • Level 2 Special Care Nursery provides care that may be required if a baby is born prematurely or unwell from 33 weeks gestation
  • Unique advantage of being collocated with the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Westmead Hospital, allowing quick and each access to their services if required.
  • Offering 7 birthing suites, providing a safe and comfortable environment to suite individual labour and birthing preferences
  • 8 new maternity suites with 50% larger than standard rooms (subject to availability; fees apply)
  • Daily complimentary high tea
  • Our women’s only Infant Feeding Support Centre offers daily breastfeeding sessions, advanced lactation support, bedside assistance and respite care overnight if required
  • Anticipated stay will be 4 nights for a vaginal birth and 5 nights for a caesarean section provided there are no complications
  • Westmead Private continue to care for their mums and bubs after they leave, offering comprehensive postnatal support with FREE programs:
    • Mums and bub Pilates classes
    • Postnatal Support Clinic
    • Infant Massage Workshops
  • Westmead Private offers childbirth and parenting education programs in:
    • Childbirth and parenting
    • Active birth
    • Caesarean section
    • Breastfeeding
    • Physiotherapy sessions
    • 6 months access to our online antenatal learning center

    Information on Childbirth and Parenting Classes can be found here.

  • Free Maternity Unit Tours Wednesday evenings at 6.00pm; Saturday & Sunday afternoons at 3.30pm

Westmead Public

  • Maternity ward is a 41 bed ward consisting of 23 single rooms and 9 shared rooms with 2 beds in each.
  • Each room has an ensuite bathroom with toilet and shower facilities.
  • Members of the staff from the Maternity Unit team will always attempt one-on-one care for each woman and baby on a daily basis.
  • Information sessions (listed below) are also provided each day including:
  • Baby care and bathing – 9am and 6:30pm Monday – Sunday
  • Breastfeeding – 3:30pm Monday – Sunday
  • Postnatal Exercise (Physiotherapy) – 9:30am Monday – Friday
  • Following the birth of your baby and if you are feeling well, you may be looking forward to going home with your baby. Most women don’t need to stay in hospital very long and may go home within hours of birth. So that you feel supported during this time Westmead Public provides a Midwifery home visiting service. The midwife will visit you at home in the days following birth to assess you and your baby and provide support if you live within the Westmead catchment. Outside of this, you can return to the hospital for daily visits.
  • If you are required to stay in hospital longer, you can expect to stay about 1-2 nights following a vaginal birth and 2-3 nights following a Caesarean birth.
  • More information about childbirth and parenting classes and costs and Westmead Public can be found here.   


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