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questions every woman should ask their obstetrician

Bloom offers a team of six experienced obstetricians who are committed to providing a premium private maternity experience, at an affordable price.  Collectively our obstetricians have delivered thousands of babies in both the public and private systems. A specialist obstetrician is a doctor who deals with the care of  pregnant woman, the unborn baby, labour and delivery as well as the immediate period following childbirth. Choosing the right obstetrician can be challenging for families, especially if it’s your first baby and you don’t know what to expect. Bloom has designed this list of questions that can assist you when choosing the obstetrician and type of pregnancy that is best-suited to your family’s needs. Any of Bloom’s experienced obstetricians and midwives will be happy to answer these questions.  

Please also feel free to email our midwives if you have any specific concerns during your pregnancy.


  • Should I have a birth plan, if so what should it include?
  • Do you favour C-section over vaginal birth and are there any extra costs involved if I have a C-section with Bloom?
  • What is the difference between a vaginal birth and a C-Section?
  • What is the benefit of giving birth in a public v private hospital for my situation particularly? (Bloom Doctors deliver in both)  
  • Who is your back up should you be unable to attend my birth because you are at another delivery or have an emergency?
  • How will the Bloom doctors make their leave arrangements?  
  • How much weight gain in pregnancy do you recommend is a maximum for me?
  • If I have had a previous C-Section, can I now have a vaginal birth?
  • What scans will I need through my pregnancy?
  • I’m on antidepressants (or other medications). How safe are they to take in pregnancy?

Questions every women should ask their midwife

Got a question for our friendly midwives about your pregnancy?

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Prior to coming to your chosen hospital for delivery please ensure you telephone the midwives in the delivery suite to notify them of your imminent arrival.


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*$990 obstetric package is with major funds such as BUPA, HCF, Medibank Private. Other funds may incur higher fees.

* Bloom costs include all obstetrician costs and midwife costs. Pathology services in most instances are bulk billed. In hospital pathology services may incur additional charges.
Ultrasound may also incur some out of pocket charges.You may be charged an anaesthetist’s fee and paediatrician’s fee.

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